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Copyrights, Trademarks

© Copyright 2024 IAB Industrieanlagenbau GmbH. All rights reserved.

Texts, images, film material and charts, including their arrangement on the IAB website are subject to the protection of copyright and other property laws. They must only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes wholly or in part. This shall not include use of print templates from the database of the image archive and film material from media representatives if and as far as these print templates or film material are editorially connected to IAB. Where contents and parts of the IAB website are saved, reproduced or distributed permissibly according to this, the copyright of IAB must be noted.

The IAB Logo is protected internationally by trademark law. Other company designations, company logos and product names that are named on the IAB website may also be protected trademarks of the respective owners.

Exclusion of liability and reservation of changes
Although IAB has conscientiously reviewed and compiled all information and parts of this website to the best of its knowledge, it shall not be liable for the completeness, accuracy, licensing, violation of claims, up-to-dateness and technical precision of the information provided on this website. IAB shall also not be liable for any damage caused by computer viruses when calling or downloading data from this website. IAB further reserves the right to make changes or supplements to the information and parts of this website at any time without advance announcement.

References to third-party websites
Clicking certain references (hyperlinks) on the IAB Website may lead you off the website. The contents and design as well as any changes to the websites that the IAB website refers to are not subject to the control or influence of IAB. IAB therefore is not liable for the content of any third-party website that is only generally referred to on its website, or for such any references to other websites contained in such third-party websites.