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Quality Management

We achieve our official target of guaranteeing permanent quality using a comprehensive measures catalogue and strict compliance with quality-related corporate principles. Our Total Quality Management represents a continuous process that exceeds material control in production by far and, e.g., also includes personal interaction with our customers.


From material control in metallurgy to inner surface, outer surface, dimension and identical inspections, to mechanical/technology reviews and destructive tests of samples and welded parts, all processes in the production process are monitored, inspected by random samples or 100% inspections and controlled. Communication and interaction with our customers are also essential parts of our quality claim. This includes consulting on the construction site, as well as support in solving technical issues.

Avoiding errors instead of discovering them

This is the simple but demanding motto of quality assurance at IAB. Defect-free production – and therefore process safety – is the corporate target. This way, the focus shifts from inspection of end products to inspection of the production process. Our QM system is coordinated with the production, review and acceptance of all steel products. Our customers receive specification-compatible products that are highly suitable for use and reliable. 

Every company is only as good as its employees are

The employees of IAB know the specific situation of their business field, understand technologies and process concepts, and know how to sensibly use the strengths of our company. They support the customers, analyse the situation with them and assemble just the right IAB project team for their order. 
The customers’ requirements are recorded, edited and evaluated with production and test sequence provisions as well as process and test data in EDP. These evaluations serve for direct control of the processes and evaluation of our quality level. They are therefore the basis of continuous quality assurance at IAB. 
Selection and design of the individual QM/QS elements are aligned with the special features of the IAB production lines and coordinated with an optimised cost-benefit ratio from case to case.

The first steps on the path towards the optimised solution

Every process step – including the one apparently exhausted – brings about new rationalisation potentials continually due to technical progress. Continuous optimisation in the scope of TQM is therefore a task that is never complete. The target of always achieving the best results remains. We at IAB prove that it is possible to achieve these targets. We include them in our overall process. We support our customers with experience and know-how here.

Adjustment in customer orientation

We have learned a lot about customer demands and wishes in interaction with them, and have adjusted them further continually. Expert consulting and specialist service are matters of course for us, just as the reliable compliance with deadlines and honest, open communication. It is important to us that product and performance information is complete and up to date. Complaints are processed quickly and generously. This way, customers of IAB will receive further practical support to establish themselves on today’s competition-oriented market through quality.


ISO 9001:2015_2025


ISO 45001:2018_2025


DIN EN 1090_2027

Eignungsnachweis um die schweißtechnische Qualitätsanforderung

EN 15085-2_2027

Eignungsnachweis um die schweißtechnische Qualitätsanforderung 

EN ISO 3834-2_2026

Eignungsnachweis um die schweißtechnische Qualitätsanforderung

All IAB products are manufactured according to the latest technical regulations and are marked with CE safety certificates.

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