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Traffic Sign Bridges

for safe and clear traffic guidance

Gantry bridges are part of the standard equipment of busy roads. They are used, for example, in connection with traffic guidance systems, toll recording systems, and traffic data recording systems. As traffic sign bridges, they mostly serve to ensure performance, traffic safety, driving comfort and timely information. Optimisation of the traffic flow is to lower pollution at the same time.

Traffic Sign Bridges bridges can be manufactured in various designs:

This is how our traffic sign bridges will convince you:

Thanks to decades of experience, IAB can realize innovative and contemporary constructions. Our comprehensive range of services includes submission planning, structural analysis, delivery, and installation, requiring customers to deal with only one point of contact. Compliance with relevant guidelines such as ZTV-VZB, RVS, or TIFL is always ensured.

Quality Management

We achieve our official target of guaranteeing permanent quality using a comprehensive measures catalogue and strict compliance with quality-related corporate principles.

Our Total Quality Management represents a continuous process that exceeds material control in production by far and, e.g., also includes personal interaction with our customers.

All IAB products are designed in accordance with the latest technical regulations and are labelled with CE safety certificates.


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