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Transformer & Steel Mechanical Engineering

Power for the Future

The steel-works manufacturing and machine building in St. Stefan near Wolfsberg has been operating for over 40 years after being taken over by a traditionally run family business, now in its 5th generation. Since then, both the production areas and the technical equipment have been steadily expanded and modernized. IAB manufactures all types of special system components incl. occasional mechanical processing, with unit weights up to 55 tons. It is not only that IAB can manufacture the welded structures, but can also do the design and assembling as required, which we are already doing for renowned manufacturers in the global market.

Few topics are currently as important as the production, storage, and transmission of energy. All electricity providers are facing the same challenge: transporting electricity from the source to individual consumers. For transformer manufacturers, IAB has been a reliable and competent partner for many years. Our accumulated know-how combined with our technical capabilities allows us to manufacture transformer boilers and transformer accessories such as yoke press plates, structure press parts, pulling devices, core press frames, and yoke supports.

We build for you

  • Transformer Tanks
  • Transformer Components
  • Machine Building

Quality Management

We achieve our official target of guaranteeing permanent quality using a comprehensive measures catalogue and strict compliance with quality-related corporate principles.

Our Total Quality Management represents a continuous process that exceeds material control in production by far and, e.g., also includes personal interaction with our customers.

All IAB products are designed in accordance with the latest technical regulations and are labelled with CE safety certificates.


Bernhard Maier

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Alexander Rebernig

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