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Mast Construction

Aiming high with IAB

IAB is an experienced expert in mast construction with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We design and erect masts in different variants, including free-standing masts, lattice masts, lattice masts and tubular masts. The construction takes into account individual requirements and local conditions.

IAB uses high-quality materials and modern technologies to ensure stability and durability. The masts are planned in accordance with local building regulations, taking into account environmental conditions, wind loads and earthquake safety.

With a focus on quality and customised solutions, IAB has established itself as a trusted partner for customers in various industries. In addition to pole construction, the company offers comprehensive consulting services to meet the individual needs of its customers.

Free-standing polygonal and pipe grid masts

Our free-standing polygonal, pipe and pipe grid masts are made of high-quality materials such as step-edged sheet metal half-shells, tubes or profiles and are available in sections of 6 to 12 metres in length. They can be optionally equipped with climbing protection and/or cable routing. They are securely anchored using an anchor basket made of threaded rods. Thanks to their conical upward taper, they blend harmoniously into their surroundings. Colours can be adapted to customer requirements and various service platforms and attachments are possible. Any pole length and design can be realised to meet individual requirements.

Pipe construction masts

We designed this special shape of a free-standing aerial carrying structure so that they can hardly be told from a real tree. This ensures perfect embedding into a natural environment.

– Made of sections 6000 mm in length
– Sections of this length are screwed together by flange connection
– The cables are routed down inside the “tree” and therefore invisible from the outside
– Climbing protection according to the customer’s wish possible
– Design either as a deciduous or coniferous tree

Mobile free-standing pipe grid masts

Mobile freestanding tubular lattice masts are versatile and movable structures designed for various applications. These poles typically consist of a sturdy tubular lattice design that provides excellent load-bearing capacity and flexibility.

Mobile freestanding tubular lattice masts are an efficient solution for temporary applications where mobility, flexibility and rapid deployment are required. Of course, these masts can also be used on a longer-term basis. Depending on the legal and normative framework conditions, a few parameters may need to be defined differently in advance.

Here are some points to consider:

Mobility: The term “mobile” means that these poles, including their foundations, can be easily moved and transported. This is particularly useful in situations where temporary or flexible locations are required, such as temporary events, emergency operations or temporary construction projects.

Freestanding: The freestanding structure means that these masts require no additional support and can stand on their own. This makes them easier to install and use in different locations without having to rely on complex fixings.

Areas of application: Mobile free-standing tubular lattice masts are often used in event technology, construction, emergency operations and other temporary situations. They can be used for mounting lighting, cameras, antennas or other technical equipment.

Rapid deployment: Due to their mobility and freestanding nature, these masts can be quickly authorised, erected and dismantled, saving time and resources. This is particularly important in situations where flexibility and speed are required.

Quality Management

We achieve our official target of guaranteeing permanent quality using a comprehensive measures catalogue and strict compliance with quality-related corporate principles.

Our Total Quality Management represents a continuous process that exceeds material control in production by far and, e.g., also includes personal interaction with our customers.

All IAB products are designed in accordance with the latest technical regulations and are labelled with CE safety certificates.


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