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Hydraulic steel construction 

Rake cleaner

Floating debris causing power losses in hydroelectric power plants? With IAB rake cleaning machines, it is a thing of the past. Our customized solutions ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in continuous operation. We offer specially adapted cleaning machines for every application area. The Floating debris can be removed either via a flushing channel or a special conveyor belt.

With integrated PLC control, rake cleaner positions can be adjusted providing both automatic and manual operation options. Remote control? No problem! Simply start the cleaning cycle and signal error, if any, will be displayed. Of course, external safety features can be integrated. 

The rake cleaning options include a selection of tailor-made solutions for intake debris rakes. These are suitable for a wide range of requirements. Whether you need vertical, or horizontal intake debris rakes or robust coarse rakes, we offer the appropriate design. Our product range includes both traditional rake-cleaning systems and variants that are flow-optimized and fish-friendly. The rakes can be welded or bolted according to customer requirements, with bar spacings up to a fine width of less than 10 mm. Several options are available for surface protection: stainless steel versions, coatings, or galvanized finish versions to ensure long life and high functionality.

Telescopic Cleaners

In tight spaces within power plant facilities, telescopic cleaners are the preferred choice. They are available not only as stationary units but also as moving, rotating units. These robust and hydraulically operated machines are suitable for nearly all rake sizes. The hydraulic oils and lubricants used are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and compliant with water protection regulations.

Horizontal rake cleaner

With the modernization and construction of new power plants, the protection of fish populations and the environment is becoming increasingly important. IAB addresses this challenge with innovative horizontal rake-cleaning machines. These machines are equipped with a cleaning capacity of up to 3 tons and can be used at depths of up to 8 meters. The accumulated debris is efficiently removed using an automatic flushing device located at the end of the rake field.

Articulated arm cleaner

Articulated arm cleaners are specially developed for handling bulky debris in large facilities. The design options include stationary, swivel, and moving types for transverse conveyance. The purely hydraulic drive is environmentally friendly: the hydraulic oils and lubricants used are not only biodegradable but also comply with strict water protection regulations.

Chain rake cleaner

Chain rake cleaners are the solution for facilities with tight spaces and light debris. Their advantage: a minimal overall height. The rake is driven by rotating heavy chains and reliably removes the accumulated material. The angle of the rake is adjustable. The debris can be transported away either via a flushing channel or a special conveyor belt.

Wire rope rake cleaner

IAB wire rope rake cleaning machines prove their outstanding precision and reliability, especially at dams with limited space. These powerful machines can lift loads to 8.5 tons and allow cleaning operations at depths of up to 100 meters. Their wire rope system requires minimal maintenance, ensuring continuous operational readiness. Additionally, the optionally available integrated loading crane proves to be efficient in removing debris carpets from water surfaces, providing a comprehensive solution for dam structure maintenance. The wire rope rake cleaner is available in both mobile and smaller stationary variants.


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